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Managed WordPress Web Hosting Overview

These are the services provided in the Managed WordPress Web Hosting Package

Cloud computer interface

My Web Hosting Inspiration

The inspiration for this package is simple. I have always had clients who need a website and want to be able to manage the content and pictures of their website…….and that’s all they want to do. They don’t have any desire to manage updates, backups, security, or the variety of technical issues that can arise overtime with any website.

Additionally, as a business owner, it’s always nice to be able to delegate issues to a team member that is equipped to handle them effectively and efficiently. That’s exactly what you can do when you host your website with me. Issue with your website? Send it to me and I’ll have it fixed quickly for you so that you can keep doing what you do best and caring for the needs of your clients!

In the same vein, the health of your website becomes my ongoing focus. Let’s keep your online presence in tip-top shape!

Support & Maintenance

Direct technical support from a WordPress Expert right from your website dashboard.

Don’t ever feel in the dark about your site. Get quick support when you need it right from your website dashboard via the “SUPPORT” button which comes straight to me.

**This does include technical support for any features and functionality that I built into the site. It also includes email support with questions you have about anything related to your site.

**This does not include building and adding new features to the site. That would be an additional charge based on time to complete.



Multiple, powerful firewalls between your data and threats such as hackers.

Malware Scanning

Proactive detection and elimination of malware on the server.

WordPress Hardening

Implement numerous WordPress hardening measures to close vulnerabilities.

Dedicated IP

Your website will be placed on my server, which has a dedicated IP address. This allows us to better protect your domains reputation.

Page Speed | SEO | Optimization


    Cloud Dedicated server optimized for WordPress sites. Website page speed will be significantly faster than cheaper, shared servers. Page speed also has a substantial impact on direct and indirect SEO factors. In short, Google loves fast sites and ranks them higher.


    Further increase page speed and site optimization by delivering content across a network (also an SEO benefit).


    Premium, automatic image compression so that your images are light and load quickly.


    Reduces server load and increases overall site speed. This is a big benefit to users on the site and allows them to navigate quickly from page to page as they browse your site. (SEO benefit).


    Add another layer of security to your website. This will allow your website to be accessed securely via https://


    Setup website to send email via reliable SMTP solution that includes SPF, DKIM and DMARC support to ensure that emails coming from your website don’t get sent to spam or completely rejected. Most servers use either a simple SMTP solution or the default mailer, both of which can have issues.

Included Pro Addons

Have a look at all of the powerful pro addons that are included in my web hosting package. With this awesome suite of addons we’ll take your site to the next level and separate your business from the competition!

What is it like working with me?

See What My Clients Think

Jordan is an incredibly hard working developer "Jordan is an incredibly hard working developer. Not only does he "get stuff done" he gets it done right, with a thoroughness and positivity that is rare in the freelance development world. Having worked with Jordan on dozens of projects, I feel confident recommending him to anyone for any project."

David Smith

Excellent from start to finish! "Jordan is amazing and extremely easy to work with. Jordan went above and beyond to fix what a previous company had done with my website and added an e-commerce store front. Jordan is and will continue to be my go to for all website/SEO needs."

Abby Longwater

Highly recommend Jordan for any project. "Jordan has transformed our nonprofit's online presence, quickly understanding our intent and making suggestions that improved the result significantly. Highly recommend Jordan for any project."

Karl Monger

I cannot sing Jordan's praises enough! "Jordan has transformed our nonprofit's online presence, quickly understanding our intent and making suggestions that improved the result significantly. Highly recommend Jordan for any project."

Mollie White

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