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Web Design Services for Law Firms, Lawyers & Attorneys

Are you a Law Firm, Lawyer or Attorney in need of professional website design? Hire me for top-notch law firm website design services.

Position Your Company For Success

Let’s face it, law is a difficult and demanding field. Strategically providing personalized legal advice to hundreds of hard to please clients takes expertise, talent, and above all else, patience.

Handling complicated client cases is a tedious, time consuming process, so let me make your life easier by creating a professional, visually appealing website that converts visitors into clients.

A professionally designed website will automatically attract law clients by establishing trust with your website visitors when they see the unique individuality and expertise of your brand.

As a skilled law firm website designer, with over 10 years of experience, I’m the perfect guy to create an award winning website for your business.


Superior Web Design Can Quickly Grow Your Law Firm

The easiest way to establish trust with your target client is by showing off a premium quality website design to separate you from the other law firm competition in your area.

Even if your business relies entirely on referrals, potential clients and new customers will always review your website design and online presence before committing to working with you.

In other words, a polished fully functional website is a necessary requirement for law firms in today’s fast paced, technologically advanced society.

Does Good Web Design Really Matter?

Believe it or not, a study was conducted which found that 94 percent of people cited web design as the reason they mistrusted or rejected a website. If you’d like to keep visitors on your website, rather than the websites of your competitors, my web design services are the way to go.


Unique Law Designs To Stand Out In A Ultra Competitive Space

Law clients interested in hiring lawyers, attorneys, or law firms instantly expect an eye catching easy to navigate website. If you build your website with a cheap cookie cutter templated design, your ideal client may not understand the professionalism of your brand and end up working with one of your competitors.

The only way to guarantee an enjoyable website experience for every single potential client is by investing in a custom coded site with a one of a kind design.

I create innovative, easy to navigate websites that effortlessly communicate the value of your law services to customers ready to purchase.


My All Inclusive Website Package

Every single aspect of the website is tailor made for your specific needs, including a strategically color coded site layout, attractive interactive landing pages, and original SEO optimized content to drive organic traffic.

Besides an amazing site design, I also offer full service technical support to help you every step of the way after your initial launch. When you partner with me, I am there to quickly take care of any need you have related to your website.

If you are serious about growing a successful law business, book a free consultation call with me so we can discuss your specific needs. I’m looking forward to working with you!

Law Firm Portfolio

I encourage you to put these statements to the test. View sites I’ve built for my clients and see what we’ve accomplished together. I’m eager for you to join their ranks.

"Hiring Jordan Smith to design your website for your business is one of the smartest business decisions you can make."

Erika Busbee Busbee Law Group

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"10 Stars! If you are looking for someone to design your website look no further!"

Bonni Gessner Smith Barid Attorneys At Law

Why Work With Me?

Having designed and re-designed well over 300 websites in the past 10 years, I have a keen eye and deep understanding of the intricacies of web design, web development, and SEO.

Why is this important? NOTHING is lost in translation as you are never passed from salesperson, to project manager, to designer, and finally to a developer. I oversee the entire process from start to finish which
ensures what we envision from the beginning comes to fruition quickly and accurately.

What you can expect from your new WordPress Website